Playstation 5 coming to India on February 2

Although the Sony Playstation 5 released in the month of November last year, the console has still not been launched in many other countries. One such market for Sony in India, where the next generation console has still not been launched. However, the company is all set to launch the console soon and they will be doing it with a classic edition console. As per the details that have been confirmed by Sony India, the console will be launching in the Indian market on February 2, 2021, and the pre-orders for the same will start on January 12. 

The company was expected to launch both the Digital and normal edition of consoles in the market, but it seems that the much expected digital edition of the PS5 will not be launched initially. It is not the only thing that will not be launched in India initially, but the sales of the first-party headset, HD camera, and the charging station for dual sense controller has also been delayed in India. 

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The company will be launching only the classic edition of the console, which comes with a disk drive and would cost around Rs 49,990, while the digital edition was priced at Rs 39,990. The console will be available on offline stores and online e-commerce stores at the same time. Although the expectations were high on the sales of the digital edition, it seems that the Indian consumers will have to wait for it. Sony has not confirmed when it will be available, but it seems that they wanted to lift off the sales with the classic edition first.

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