PlayStation 5 event on September 16 to reveal a lot of new details about the console.

September 16 will be a great day for Sony and PlayStation fans, as Sony will be disclosing a lot of new details about the new generation gaming console. Sony is holding back a lot of information about the gaming console, including the pricing for both their digital and another model. It is expected that Sony will be discussing a lot of new and unique features that the company has added to the new PlayStation 5. It is also possible that Sony may announce a list of games from a third party that will be released for PlayStation 5. 

The new PlayStation 5 is rumored to launch in the month of November and it can also be a possibility that Sony lets the fans know about the launch date and price. With the price revealed by Xbox, and with a selling price of just $299 for Xbox Series S, the company has added a lot of pressure on the PlayStation creator to reveal more details about its pricing. It is also obvious that such a low price of Xbox Series S will bring a lot of competition for Sony to capture a bigger market than Xbox. 

The PlayStation 5 event will happen on Wednesday, September 16, at 1 pm PST or 1:30 am IST (September 17). Anyone can view it using the official Youtube channel for PlayStation or through Twitch. The event will be for approximately 40 minutes and will also include updates on the latest gaming titles for the PS5.

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