Pringles leaks the price details of the Xbox X series.

The new generation Xbox X series console is all set to be revealed in the month of November, as communicated by experts. However, the company has officially not yet revealed any details about the product or the launch date. Now some details from Pringles have been leaked, which might give us a good idea of what should be the price of the next-generation console. There have already been leaks about the images and retail packaging of the new age console remote controller. 

The retail box for the same gave hints about the price and what all devices it is compatible with. Xbox is holding a contest for a new Xbox Series X in South Africa, where many users will be getting a free console and other consolation prizes. When the total cost of the consoles was seen in the image, it was easier to guess the cost of the console as well. As per the guess from another expert on the Twitter handle, it seems that the new console could be anywhere under $850-$950. 

The price that was provided by Pringles was somewhere accurate to $850-$875, but the price might be kept to $900-950, depending on the gaming bundles and the games they provide it. Now the prize value provided by Pringles could be changed before the event, which does not make it the right value at which the new generation console will be sold. Therefore, the only option with the users is to wait for the official launch and know the actual price for it.


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