PUBG registration and APK links appear on the official website

It is open news that PUBG mobile is making its way back to the Indian market after a ban on 115 Chinese apps, which PUBG was a part of. As soon as it was confirmed that the gaming app is coming back to the Indian market, the news was in-the-air about pre-registration. However, no one was able to find the source for the same to do so. Now, the company’s official website is open to registration and shows two options on the website. 

While one option provides the APK download, the other link leads to the official Google Play Store. However, when selected none of the links work right now. There are also reports that PUBG will be holding an event for PUBG mobile India where the prize money can go up to 6 crores. However, nothing is confirmed by the company as of yet, but the details in the air are very strong for the same. The company states that the privacy and security of the Indian player’s data will remain the top priority for the company, due to which the game was banned previously as it was published by the Chinese company Tencent. 

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PUBG corporation would go through regular audits and verification on the storage systems which hold the data for the Indian player. It will also make sure that the new security standards are applied to manage data safely. The links on the website, although not working, do state that the company is all set to release the game in India and we will soon see the announcement for the ame.

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