Qualcomm announces the all-new Snapdragon 750G chipset

Qualcomm has already made some news after they announced that they will be launching their all-powerful chipset called the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 this year. However, the company also surprised its users when they recently introduced the all-new Snapdragon 750G, which will be a 5G chipset with AI-powered noise suppression and with support for 120FPS gaming. The chipset has been designed to be the successor of S730G. It will also act as a better and faster alternative to the ongoing S690 chipset. 

The new 750G chipset is very powerful and a great option for companies who would like to offer smartphones with 5G and powerful performance in gaming and multitasking. The new chipset has been equipped with the X52 modem which adds mmWave 5G with the highest speeds of 3.7 GBPS. The chipset will also have multi-chip support and can deliver up to 4.0 TOPS, 20% more than the S730G. The major feature of the chipset is noise suppression, which is the Fluence AI noise suppression system. The system allows removing voices like a baby crying or dog barking even with a single mic. 

The feature can turn out to be great for those who cannot find a quiet environment or room every time.  The chipset has been clocked at 2.2 GHz and provides camera hardware support for recording 4K HDR10 video with a bokeh effect. It would also be supported with a 10% faster performance from Adreno 619 GPU, which provides a 120Hz refresh rate for gaming. The chipset is expected to be available by the year-end and Xiaomi would be the first company to use it in their smartphones.


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