Fortnite is offering V-Bucks to existing iOS and Mac users, who are unable to get the update for the game.

Apple Vs Fortnite has been long gone for a few months with Fortnite players on the Apple Platform not getting any type of updates for the game. For those players, who are unable to play the game on iOS and Mac devices, Epic Games is giving away free bucks to make up for Apple blocking the game updates. The game was removed in the month of August, when the Epic Games developers were found to be using their own payment system instead of Apple’s, avoiding the commission that one has to pay. 

Due to this, Epic Games released an update for Fortnite on iOS and Android devices that would allow players to undermine their device’s app store and purchase V-Bucks directly from Epic Games at a discounted price. The users of Fortnite on the iOS and Mac platforms continue to show frustration after the game was removed from the App Store. Although Epic Games made an announcement on the Twitter account that those who purchased V-Bucks through the Apple App Store and have yet to spend them.

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 Epic Games is doubling the number of unspent V-Bucks that were purchased through the App Store for iOS and through the Epic Games Store on Mac, with the replacement V-Bucks usable on any platform. Epic Games has been trying to do all the things in an attempt to hold the players from not leaving the platform. Regardless of the fact that iOS users are still unable to use the games and will not be able to spend the V-bucks this time, it is very clear that Epic Games is trying to retain every iOS and Mac user.

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