Razer unveils Project Hazel and a roll-out screen in CES 2021

When it comes to CES, Razer is always expected to bring out some really cool gaming products in the market. However, in CES 2021, the company unveiled some very interesting products as well. The company has introduced a new smart mask project called Hazel in the CES 2021. The mask has been designed with a lot of new features like active ventilation and an auto-sterilization function, low-light mode, comprising interior lights that automatically turn on when it is dark and much more. 

The mask is made in a transparent design and lets others see your face when talking. The mask also comes with an in-built mic and amplifier. Apart from this smart mask, the company has also launched a 60-inch rollout display. Although all these projects are not production-ready and are still a concept, it is expected that the device will soon be brought into the market in a couple of months. As per the company, the face mask known as Project Hazel is a smart mask, something that has not been made before by any company. The mask is basically focused on elements like safe, social, sustainability, comfort, and personalization. 

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It also has a wireless charging case that has been linked with a UV light for killing bacteria and viruses as the mask is on charging. The mask also offers 16.8 million colors and effects, and two customizable lighting zones with Razer Chroma RGB lighting. Since it also has silicon guards, it will cover the complete mouth and nose and will be comfortable during long hours of usage. The mask is made of recycled plastic and is waterproof and scratch-resistant, with replaceable filters and ventilators.


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