Reliance Digital exposes the personal details of potential PS5 buyers

Ever since the Playstation 5 was announced, fans were eagerly waiting to purchase the gaming console and also made a lot of pre-order for the same on the e-commerce websites. One of such platforms in India that was allowed to sell the new Playstation 5 was Reliance Digital. Reliance Digital is allowing pre-order for the gaming console through their platform, where the PS5 will be delivered after it is officially launched in the country. 

Reliance Digital took a pre-registration survey of those who are interested in buying the console and ended up exposing all their names, email addresses, and phone numbers on the web, as per Medianama. After Medianama asked for the details regarding the survey, the company simply removed it from the platform and has not given any statement as to why the data was taken from the potential buyers. The same issue has been raised by Medianama to Sony India. 

Sony India, in their official statement, said that “Thank you for bringing this to our notice, we have shared this information with Reliance to take necessary action. Sony India follows strict privacy protocols to safeguard its customer data.” It has been reported that the survey was filled by more than 800 people using Google Forms which lead to the opening of a page where anyone can view all the details of the users. The survey also gave details on the software and peripheral devices of PlayStation 5. 

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It also included details that Sony India has not announced officially like when they are likely to buy the device, accessories they can buy if they will get the PS Plus membership, and the most important information of all – when will it launch in India.

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