Reliance Jio’s new touchscreen smartphone to face a lot of market difficulties before launch

When it comes to the services and products offered by Jio, they are known to be value for money and also a lot more affordable than the competitors. The company already offered their feature phone in the market for the users which can be used with the Jio sim. Now the company is already launching a new and affordable touch screen smartphone that will provide all the basic features one can ask for and is going to cost a lot less than the competition. 

The company has already confirmed that the smartphone will come into the market during the festive season later this year. According to report files by Canalys, the phone is going to provide a lot of features and will provide a complete value for the price, but will not provide a very large impact in the short term. As per them, there is a global shortage in the supply of smartphone components and also the price for these components has been regularly increasing. It was expected that the phone would cost around $50 which would have been a lot more affordable than any smartphone in its competition. 

However, with the supply and pricing problem coming up, it would not be easy for Jio to fulfill the requirements of manufacturing such an affordable phone. However, Canalys also confirmed that the condition will be improving in the market later which can make the condition better for Jio. However, with the current scenario, it would be interesting to see if Jio is able to provide the smartphone during the timeline in which they have promised.

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