Restarting in iOS 14 resets the app to default Mail and Safari.

Ever since iOS has been made available to the devices, people have been trying to use all the new features that it brings along to the Apple devices. One of the most highlighting features of the new iOS 14 was that the users were allowed to use third-party apps as their default email and browser, instead of Safari and Apple Mail. It would allow users to have Outlook as the default email clients and Chrome as the default browser. The features seem to be popular among users, but there also seem to be a bug in it. 

As soon as the users are resetting their phone or restarting it, the default email and browser changes back to Apple Mail and Safari. The issue was found by a Google Chrome engineer and the same has been reported to Apple as well. It is expected that the issue will soon be resolved in the future updates. The issue does seem to be a problem for developers and QA testers, who are testing such system-wide features. Also, it is an inconvenience for the users to go into Settings every time they restart, and change the settings again. 

There are also minor issues that have been reported for the same feature where email links tapped in Safari still open in Appleā€™s Mail app despite users setting a third-party mail client. Although the issue is not a major one, it will also be addressed in the future update and we can expect it a little earlier.


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