Apple changes App Store Guidelines after Microsoft and Google declined to stream their game streaming services on Apple’s platform.

It has been long said by other companies that Apple has been using its power over the App market, which has given them the monopoly to change the rules and affect the fair competition for app developers on iOS. Due to the similar feud, Fornite was banned from the App Store, where it mentioned that Apple is using a showing monopoly over the market for apps on iOS. With the same kind of criticism and App store practices, Google and Microsoft have declined to launch their game streaming services on Apple’s platform. 

These were more than enough reasons for the tech giant to make some minor but significant changes to the App store policies. Apple has now published a revision of its App Store review guidelines, loosening restriction on streaming game services, online classes, and when developers must use its in-app purchase system, which charges a 30 percent commission. The changes actually came after Microsoft and Google criticized Apple for such stringent regulation for apps on their platform. It would now allow streaming game companies to create such catalog apps, which was not allowed for the developers before. 

However, each catalog should be a standalone game and use Apple’s payment method. Other changes allow one-on-one virtual classes to be paid for outside of Apple’s payment system, though classes taught to a group still must use Apple’s system and pay its fees. Another change would be that business applications such as professional databases skip Apple’s payment system when selling to organizations, but still require Apple’s payment system for sales to individuals or families. 

It is not the first time that a company has spoken against the App Store regulation of Apple, however, the issue has become more prevalent now and more and more companies have been coming against it, even the big names. Therefore, it was time for Apple to make some changes to what already was a strict policy.


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