ROG Phone has a hidden refresh rate of 160 MHz

Asus has recently launched the new ROG phone 3, which some great specifications and performance. The phones have been specifically designed and created for smartphone users who like gaming and like to play high graphic games. The device was packed with a Snapdragon 865+ and up to 12 GB RAM with a 6000mAh battery. The phone also came with air triggers and a 144MHz display to provide a smooth and engaging screen experience.

Due to these specs, the device has been marked as one of the best phones for gamers. However, a recent leak has identified that the phone can support higher screen refresh rates, exactly 160MHz. The discovery was made by XDA developers, where they found that the phone has a hidden 160Hz mode. 

The mode can be enabled using an ADB command. Once the command is executed, the device will be rebooted to apply the new setting, and the new refresh rate option will appear in the Refresh rate option under display settings. You can also enable it using the Quick Settings tile for refresh rate in the ROG Phone 3. The best part about this is that you do not need to worry about the device as the phone can easily handle higher refresh rates.

The users have to understand that the phone has not been calibrated to be used at 160MHz, so manual adjustments are needed in the phone to make it work on the new settings. It might be a feature that the company was planning to add on the phone with future updates or was just there for testing purposes. But the phone is capable of providing you with great gaming experience.

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