Russia’s competition regulator FAS blames Apple for abusing dominance in App Store

Russia’s competition regular FAS has been doing a serious check on how the App Store and Google Play store is abusing its dominance over its platform. A few days back, Google has to face similar antitrust abuse claims, and this time, its the App Store. The issue was reported to the authorities when Apple blocked the Kaspersky’s Safe Kids parental control app on the App store. To this, the regulatory bodies determined that Apple was abusing its control over the App Store and how it would behave on its platform.

As per the companies, Apple has been trying to make it say an important on-screen time feature, which combines parental control and well-being a feature. FAS’s head mentioned that it is very important for apple to set down policies where they are not discriminating between multiple apps on their platform. They either have to reinstate the application as it was or have to loosen its policies for application on the App Store. FAS has been awaiting a reply from the Apple authorities and will be taking an appropriate action based on that.

Apple rejected or demanded changes to apps like Safe Kids in Kaspersky as it was against their privacy policies. As per them, the profiles could be misused to install malware. However, multiple companies have accused Apple of not providing enough information and details before blocking their apps or providing them information on very short notice. With more problems for Apple in other countries, such as the Antitrust issue in Europen Union and Competition concerns in the US, they face huge pressure from the global market.

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