S-Pen capabilities of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leaked

The much-awaited event from Samsung on August 5 is highly expected, and everyone is waiting for the launch of new devices, especially the Galaxy S20 lineup. Before the official launch, several leaks and images of the device have given us a fair idea of how the phone can perform and what it will look like. However, it seems like more information is coming out for the device, and this time it is the S-Pen capabilities that have been leaked.

As per the details, the new generation of the S-Pen will be much more powerful and smarter than the previous generation. One of the highlighted features was using the S-Pen as a pointer by simply pressing the button on it.

Double pressing the button will allow you to shift between the laser and spotlight pointers, showcasing the power of the S-Pen in a much better way. Just like a normal pointer, you can also change the pointer speed as per your preference. The S-Pen button can also be used as a shutter for the camera app, where it can remotely click the photo from your phone.

However, these are not the only features that have been leaked; there is a lot more to come in the coming days, just before the launch. It is said that the S-Pen will have many more features that will be added through future software updates as well. In that case, the new S-Pen seems to be a great investment for users who will buy the devices.


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