Samsung Cloud to shut support for photo and file storage from smartphones

Samsung Cloud was one of the major cloud storage services from the company which was used by the customers to store their files and photos, just like one does with their Google account. However, the company announced a few months back that they will no longer be supporting the photo and file storage on the Samsung cloud anymore and the services will be supported now by Microsoft OneDrive. The announcement was made in September and the service was closed and canceled for all the users on October 1.

However, those who have still not transferred the data will have to do it by the end of this month, after which the data will be permanently deleted. Samsung also provided the facility of automatic transfers till September 30 and now they are suggesting the users backup the data either to a personal device or Microsoft Onedrive. If anyone has been charged for the October month as subscription charges, the company confirmed that it will be refunded. Samsung has also confirmed that it will provide the users with methods to integrate the Samsung cloud to Microsoft OneDrive by November 30.

If the users download the data from the Samsung Cloud to a personal drive, they will not be able to integrate with Microsoft OneDrive directly. Also, if you choose to download the data from the Samsung Cloud, it will be deleted from the platform once the download is complete. Therefore, if you have still not transferred the data from Samsung Cloud, then you should do so immediately.


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