Samsung request users to migrate data from the Samsung cloud

Samsung Cloud was one of the best ways for Samsung users to store the data from their device to the cloud, allowing them more space on the device. However, Samsung later announced that they will limit the Samsung Cloud service to backup things like contact, calendars, and notes. Due to this, the company gave users a deadline of March 1 to move their data on a different cloud storage system. The deadline was further increased and the time has almost come for the same. 

The phase termination process has been divided into two parts depending on the geographical location. While phase one covers the USA, UK, Australia, and parts of Europe, phase two has other countries. While the deadline ended in June, the company will not be making the shift. Samsung has also suggested people use the One Drive migration tool to move the files automatically to other cloud storage platforms. Phase one will also notify the users to activate the migration to OneDrive. 

Using the migration tool will increase the free storage of the OneDrive account from 5GB to 20GB. The expanded storage comes with a validity of one year after which it will be expired and one will have to pay the amount to use it. The countries in phase one will have time till September 30 after which Samsung will focus on users from other countries. The process is done through the migration tool, which will make sure that the data integrity remains intact and the users are able to access it easily.


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