Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to use low power OLED displays

After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, it was well known that the company has spent a lot of time in the research and development of the Ultra variant. Earlier this week, Samsung also announced a new low powered OLED display for the Ultra variant which will be powering up the Galaxy S21 Ultra and would lead to 16 percent less power consumption. The details that have been related by CNET, says that the new OLED screen has a lower power draw by speeding up electron flows in the screen’s organic layer. 

As per the statement from Jeeho Baek, head of the Mobile Display Sales, Marketing & Product Planning Office of Samsung, “ The constant progression of display technologies has increased demand for lower power consumption to enable features such as larger screens, faster display driving, and greater resolution.“” As per the details provided by them about the new OLED displays, acceleration of the flow of electrons through the display’s layers would increase the brightness of the light produced whilst consuming less power, which raises battery life, as per official Samsung notes. 

YouTube video

The company has been researching this for a very long time and has agreed to the point that their previous handsets were drawing a lot of power. However, using this new display technology would make sure that the battery lasts a lot longer and the screen does not extract as much power as before. Apart from the display, the company has also made a lot of changes in terms of software to manage the efficient use of display energy.

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