Samsung to launch a lot of new and updated products in 2021

We already know about the smartphone launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series in the month of January next year, but apart from that, the company has a lot more product under their sleeves that they are planning to announce. Since it is one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world, they are planning to announce a new device that would possibly be going to fill your entire lifestyle with their device. 

Among the top of the list is the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone, which is their premium flagship device. Apart from that, the company is also expected to launch the all-new premium chipset Exynos 2100 which has been created on the new 5nm architecture. Another smartphone that will be coming next year from the company is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. 

The company is also planning to launch an entirely new range of Smart TV with 8K resolution and a lot of new features which their R&D team is working on. In terms of TWS, the company is working on a new range of Galaxy Buds as well, and a new Galaxy range of smart Bluetooth speakers, which will give major competition to Google Nest and Amazon Echo. 

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Samsung will also launch a new Samsung smartWatch and are probably working on a new version of the smartwatch which will rival the Apple Watch SE. Apart from these, there is going to be a list of IoT products and a new version of the existing products that are already there.


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