Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 users are facing GPS tracking issues.

Samsung updates are currently being rolled out for multiple Samsung smartphones. However, there is a specific issue that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 users are facing from a few months backs. The issue is said to be an issue that emerged from one of the software updates. The users for these two specific devices have reported issues in GPS tracking from the last few months. The threads for the issue can be found on Reddit, where the users have mentioned a problem with apps that are based on navigation and are unable to keep a consistent GPS lock.

One of the commonly used apps for navigation, which is Google Maps is not working correctly. Although they do claim that the issue was first noticed after the update rolled out last year, there is no specific information right now which could confirm the reason for the issue in these specific handsets. Although the issue is being faced by many users, the issue has not been acknowledged by Samsung yet, or they might be looking out for more users to report the same issue. 

But no update has yet been provided by the company regarding the update to fix the bug. There have also been many videos and images by the device owners who show how the device does not lock on to the GPS location while using it on the move. It seems to be a really frustrating issue for the users and hope Samsung resolves it soon enough

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