Apple Watch SE Korean users facing heating issues.

Apple watches SE was released a few weeks back by the tech giant Apple along with the Apple Watch 6 series. Apple watches SE was considered to be one of the most affordable watches from the company with the latest features and faster performance. However, soon after the launch of the watch, users started to face a few issues. A recent issue that has been reported by the Apple SE watch owners is related to overheating. 

As per the users in Korea, the overheating issues were found in the areas above the display connector, between the Taptic Engine and Digital Crown. The heating issue also caused a yellow spot on the Apple screen, which was witnessed by many users. Some users have observed the heating issue only while charging the Apple Watch SE, where the watch was working perfectly otherwise. However, many other users of the device were facing the issues to an extreme level, where they could feel a burning sensation on their hand while using it. 

Currently, there have been six such users who have reported the issue and out of those, three have already received a refund for the same. However, they are also expecting Apple to provide a personal response on the same. The issue seemed to come for a small batch of Apple SE watches that have been produced specifically for the market of South Korea. It might be a specific hardware issue, and if it is, we can expect Apple to call off the entire batch that had this problem.


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