Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 released in 2015, is getting the October OTA update.

When it comes to security updates, Samsung has been popular among the users for providing timely updates for all their devices. Normally android security patches are released once per month, although OEMs are sometimes slow to update some devices based on this schedule, especially as they get older.

Normally devices that are more than two to three years old are discontinued from the update list, but this time a five-year-old model from Samsung, which is the Galaxy Tab S2 has joined the list of the device which will be getting the October 2020 update. This might seem like a surprise to the owners of the tablet, but the update will only be applicable to Galaxy Tab S2 devices which were sold by Verizon.

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This OTA update is known as system 10 firmware and extends to a new patch level and not a full OS update for the tablet. It is currently working on Android Nougat 7.0 and is more resistant to hacks. It would be the first time that a device this old is receiving security updates, however, this is only a way of securing the device more than before and will not increase the performance of any kind of features for the user. The device will still continue to perform as it is and the update will create not change in it.

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