Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 appears in two render images

One of the most awaited phones from Samsung next year is certainly Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and recently there has been rendering leaks that show two different versions of the phone. Now the company already has multiple patents when it comes to the device and it shows that the company is trying to make the device new and unique further than what it is. Two tipsters and reviewers Pigtou and xleaks, took the patent document of Samsung and tried to create two renders of the phones using the sake. 

The first renders show that the phone divided into three different parts instead of two like in previous fold devices. The panel on the left and right seem to bend as they converge in the center of the large display. However, if this design is adopted for the device, the screen is going to be much larger than before. The phone also has an additional external display attached to it and the main camera is installed with four vertically positioned sensors. 

The second version has the same folding principles, except one difference where one of the halves bends not inward, but outward; and in this version, the device resembles an accordion or a Z-shaped structure. The second design does not need an additional display like the previous design but increases the risk of damage in case it falls. The two renders cover all the aspects of the patents that were meant for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and as per them, we might see something really unique coming out next year.


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