Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 spotted on FCC with S Pen support

Samsung has already been working on the new generation of foldable phones for a while now and two of the most expected smartphones in the future for the same are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Both the smartphones have been recently spotted on the FCC certification where one interesting detail was also confirmed. The FCC certification confirms that the Fold 3 smartphone will have the support for S Pen. 

A while back it was confirmed that Samsung will be discontinuing the Note series and will bring the S Pen feature to other smartphones, as they brought it to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Now the support for S Pen will also be added to Fold 3, details for which comes just before Samsung’s MWC event. It was also noted that the Galaxy Z Fold3 will not have an in-built slot for the S Pen, therefore, it will be carried separately as an accessory. 

However, Samsung has been working on magnetic induction technology where the stylus could be magnetically attached to the side of the phone and charge wirelessly as well. It can be possible that Samsung tries something similar with both smartphones. The Fold 3 will also be supporting 9W of wireless charging and a wired fast charging of 25W. The FCC details also confirmed that the smartphones will support 5G and ultra-wide bands as well. There is no mention of S Pen for Flip 3 smartphones but it will have the same charging technology where 9W wireless charging support and 15W wired charging support will be available.


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