Samsung might discontinue the Galaxy Note series

Samsung Galaxy Note has been one of the most popular smartphone series from Samsung with a huge fan following. Every year Samsung releases their new Galaxy Note smartphone with major improvements and new features. However, this might not be the case in the future. As per sources, Samsung might be looking to discontinue its premium Galaxy Note phone next year. The Galaxy Note phone is popular for its large screen and stylus that can be used for various functions.

The company not only works on the new version of their other premium flagships every year but also on the Note Series. However, this year Samsung has not been working on a new Galaxy Note phone and is not releasing its plan for the series to the public as well. As per the details, the next generation of Galaxy phones will also be compatible with the stylus that currently only works on the Note series. Due to this, the stylus could also be used on the foldable series, leaving fewer consumers for the Note series in specific.

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The company is looking forward to using the Galaxy Note resources on making a better foldable smartphone. The Galaxy Note 20 comes with a price tag of $999 in the US market whereas there are other smartphones like iPhone 12 which starts from $799. There are other factors as well, which has led to a decrease in the demand for new smartphones. It is one of the major reasons why Samsung has seen a huge drop in demand and is planning to discontinue the Note series.


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