Samsung launches the 256GB version of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE aka fan edition.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE aka fan edition has been hugely popular ever since the smartphone was launched. It provides the same kind of specs and feels of a premium flagship at a much lower cost. However, the phone was only offered in a 128GB memory variant, which some users were not happy with. However, since it was a fan edition, it seems that Samsung has heard its fans again and has launched a 256GB variant of the smartphone. 

However, the downside with this variant is that it would only be available in one color while the 128GB variants were available in 5 different colors to choose from.  The new 256GB variants of the smartphone have been priced in the Indian market at Rs 53,999 and will only be available in Cloud Navy color. The company has announced that the pre-order for the phone will start on October 17, via and other leading offline and online stores. 

The smartphones will start shipping from October 28. If you are still looking to buy the 128GB version, it is available on the same platform for Rs49,999. With such less difference in the cost of both variants, it seems that getting a 256GB model would make much more sense. Also, you can get the 128GB model from the Samsung e-store and avail of up Rs 4000 a discount on the purchase. The one condition is that you need to have an HDFC bank card. With a discount, it will cost you Rs 45,999.


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