Samsung regains the top spot again while Huawei drops down 16%.

A few months back Huawei claimed the top spot in a quarter as the market leader of Smartphones, bringing down Samsung from the place, which is used to rule for a long time. Now it seems that Samsung has jumped back in the top position as of August 2020 and Huawei has started suffering from the losses it is having due to the removal of android from its smartphones. Samsung jumped by 22% in the global market share for a smartphone in August, while Huawei dipped down by 16%. 

Such a huge drop for Huawei was expected as the company has been suffering and struggling to keep up their smartphone sales after the support for the Android operating system has ended on their smartphones. Samsung lost its position in the month of April as the initial lockdown in many countries and the hit from the pandemic lead to a huge drop in manufacturing. The company did seem to make an initial recovery a couple of months later as markets like India rebounded and recovered from the lockdown. 

Also, since Chinese products are not being accepted globally now, Samsung was able to seize the market share for them as well. However, it is not the only reason for Huawei’s market share has been dropping. Companies like Xiaomi have also been able to increase their market share, which also includes the existing users of Huawei. Also, the increasing share of many other smartphone companies has lead to a huge decline for Huawei.


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