Samsung regains the top position in the smartphone market, leaving behind Huawei by a big margin

The rivalry between Samsung and Huawei has been ongoing for a long time where the majority of the time Samsung takes the lead in the market for being the dominant manufacturer. However, in Q2 of this year, Huawei took the lead from Samsung, amid the decrease in sales and manufacturing of Samsung due to pandemic. However, as things started to get better for the market in Q3 and shipments started recovering for Samsung, it regained the top spot again. 

Now the company has again scored the highest position in the market leaving Huawei far behind. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi have been making great progress and have been getting considerable growth. Samsung continues to dominate the market in first place with a 22% market share and over 80 million units sold. Xiaomi also moved up to a 12.1% share, shipping over 44 million units, up from 32 million in 2019 and totaling nearly 35% growth YoY. On the other hand, Huawei has been looking at deteriorating numbers ever since the US ban and the non-usability of the Android operating system on their future devices. 

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The Chinese giant shipped around 51 million units in Q3, down over 21% since 2019 and lagging far behind Samsung at this point, the rival it used to battle for first place with. Even Apple saw a drop of a little over half a percent in the Q3 of 2020, due to which they had to delay the launch of their new iPhone series. However, it seems that the losses are beginning to reduce and the smartphone industry is all ready to increase again.

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