Huawei is now the world’s largest phone maker, leaving Samsung behind

Samsung has been the world leader and the largest smartphone maker for years. However, the reign of the smartphone giant Samsung has ended, after Huawei surpassed the South Korean giant in terms of global smartphone shipment. The data has been disclosed by analysis firm Canalys.

As per the reports released by them, Huawei has shipped around 55.8 million smartphones in the second quarter, with Samsung being the second at 53.7 million. Both the smartphone companies have been facing a decline in the sales year after year. However, the dip in sales for Samsung has been over 30%, while for Huawei, it’s just 5%. 

Due to this, Samsung went down to the second position in the series. Ever since the ban of Huawei smartphones in the US and the withdrawal of Android operating systems on their smartphone, it might come as a surprise to many about how they are still maintaining the sales. However, one must remember that Huawei still has some of the most powerful hardware and amazing camera technology on their phones. Also, the sales figures of Huawei in China are not slowing down in any condition. The company is selling over 70% of its phones in the Chinese market. The changes in the shipping and sales for Samsung has been deeply affected due to the pandemic. 

It is one of the major reasons why Huawei has come out as the second quarter leader. Samsung is expected sales and manufacturing to increase in the coming quarters and close the small gap that has occurred this time. With many new launches that are expected in an event on August 5 and the new range of Galaxy 20 devices, the manufacturing and sales of the company are expected to skyrocket again, making the number one company in smartphone shipment.


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