Samsung released the official teaser for Galaxy S21

When it comes to Samsung S21, we have already noticed a lot of leaks for the smartphone, which has revealed almost all the details. However, nothing official was announced for the smartphone by Samsung till now. The company has not officially announced the launch date till now, although we know it’s two weeks from now, they have finally released the first teaser for the S21 series. The teaser does not provide a lot of insight and details about the smartphone, but simply teases a “new Galaxy awaits” message. 

It also mentions that the new year and new smartphone will bring “new ways to express yourself“. It is expected that the message indicates the new camera technology that the company might introduce in the smartphone. Since all the details have already been leaked online by many leaksters, there are only a few and exclusive things that the company is hiding about the smartphone. The official teaser can be watched on the social media handles of the company. 

YouTube video

The phone is the next premium flagship of the Galaxy series and will be powered by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100, depending on the location they are bought from. The phone is expected to be much slimmer than the previous generation smartphones in the same series and come with a slim flat display. The leaked images do prove that the smartphone is going to be impressively good looking and everyone is eagerly waiting to see the major changes that could come with the phone at the time of launch.

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