Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 launch has been delayed and will not be launching alongside Galaxy S21 series in January

Details have already been confirmed that Samsung will be unveiling their new Samsung Galaxy S21 series in the event that is due in January next year. However, people were also expecting the company to announce their new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 at the same event. It seems like this won’t be happening in January and the announcement for the device will be delayed by a few months. The details have also been confirmed by Korean publication the Elec. 

The reason that is expected behind the delay is that the launch of Flip 2 and Galaxy S21 series will affect the sale of both the devices, which the company does not want. Due to this, the Flip 2 will be launched a few months after the Galaxy S21 series so that the sale numbers for both the smartphones remain unaffected. Apart from that, the company is also expecting to launch Galaxy Buzz wireless headphones, which will reportedly be waterproof. It will be launching later this year, accompanied by the Flip 2 smartphone. 

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We can expect both the devices to launch in the Q2 of 2021. The expected specifications on the Galaxy Z Flip 2 expects a 120Hz display and a much bigger battery than before. There is currently no other information about the phone and neither the company has made any announcement for the same. However, we can expect a lot more leaks to come up before the actual launch of the device happens, in the coming months of 2021.

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