Samsung S21 series might not come with a charger in the retail box

After Apple decided to launch their iPhone 12 series without a charger and headphones, it received mixed reactions from both critics and customers. While some thought that this decision would make a positive impact on the environment, some thought that it was a necessary deduction just for making customers buy the charging cable and brick separately. However, it seems like more companies are also going to follow a similar trend. 

Something similar has been reported for the new lineup of Samsung Galaxy S21, where it has been reported that the handset will be launched without the charger. The documents from Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency appear to confirm that Samsung won’t be including a charger in the box of the Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra in some regions. It would be the first time that this would happen with a premium Android flagship phone after Apple. 

There is no doubt there are a lot of environmental benefits to this, it does seem hugely odd to spend a big amount of money on this smartphone and then spending more money to simply buy the charger which will make the phone work. Although this is not an official confirmation, the news has been in the air soon after the launch of the iPhone 12 series, and the first to be a part of these rumors was Samsung. An official teaser of the new S21 series has also been leaked online which provides a lot of details about the design and hardware.

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