The Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup will have 25W fast charging.

With the Galaxy S20 series already launched, Samsung is currently working on its new S21 lineup which seems to be even more powerful and performance-friendly than its current offering. The Galaxy S21 lineup has been in development for a time now and new details are already coming up about the phone As per the new details, the model number of this phone will be SM-G9910 and has been listed with 25W fast charging technology, which is the same as Galaxy S20 lineup. 

It is also expected that the new Galaxy S21 lineup will be powered by a new Exynos chipset and will be much faster than any other chipset in the market. The phone will have a larger battery, but only marginally higher than the Galaxy S20 series. However, it has been confirmed that the new smartphone series will skip on the UD selfie camera that the Galaxy S20 series had. Samsung has already been working on a new chipset, which will be based on the 5nm architecture. 

The chipset is supposed to be one of the most powerful among the competition. Due to which, it is expected to come in the new Galaxy S21 range. There is no official confirmation on the development of the features of the smartphone. However, one thing is for certain that the phone will be available for release somewhere in the Q3 of 2021. The company also confirmed that now they will also be launching a lite version of the smartphone series with every premium smartphone range. 


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