Samsung Tab Active 3 to launch soon with a focus on rugged usage.

Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Tab 7 series which has received a lot of positive feedback from the customers due to its great processing power and design. Now, the tech giant is all set to release their new tablet in works, which is the Galaxy Tab Active 3. It might be possible that we might have an international release of the product by the end of next week as the product is ready and looking for final product certification. 

There will be three different variants for the products and while the base variant will have the WiFi connectivity feature, you will be able to see 5G connectivity in the top-end model. All these variants will also be featuring Bluetooth 5.0 and are expected to cost anywhere around $500. The most interesting part of these tablets will be that they have been designed for rugged use, which will make them even much more durable than any tablet out there. Some of the design impressions from Galaxy Tab Active 2 suggest that Samsung will be adding a lot of upgrades over the previous version. 

Samsung has recently focused a lot more on rigged devices and has provided a lot of offerings to the customer for the same. While not much has been revealed about Tab Active 3, it is supposed to carry all the upgraded features from the last version and also have the necessary certification which makes it a great option for rugged use and especially good for use outdoors.


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