Samsung to start launching FE or Lite version of their flagships in the coming year.

Samsung has recently made a very big announcement that it will be launching a FE version of their flagships in the year to come. The announcement was made during the Keynote event and Samsung is all serious about the competition. It means that Samsung will be launching all the flagship every year, as it does, but will also be launching a lite version or fan edition for the same as well. If that comes to be the trend from Samsung in the future, it will give some serious competition to premium flagship brands like OnePlus who have started offering users premium phones and a lighter or more affordable version as well. 

Samsung is already in the works to create a fan edition or lite version of the Samsung Galaxy S20. However, instead of the word “Lite“, the company prefers to use the FE, which means Fan edition. If this goes on, then we can surely see a FE edition of the Note series as well. This step has been taken by Samsung to increase the market share and also make the premium smartphones more affordable. The trend has not only been adopted by Samsung but many companies in the past as well. 

Companies such as Apple do launch a SE version of the iPhone and have recently launched an Apple Watch SE which is a more affordable version of Apple Watch 6. A similar strategy was also seen by OnePlus, who introduced the OnePlus Nord and is now working on a budget segment $200 phone and a mid-range phone. Going by this strategy, Samsung will surely look to add more users to its mid-range premium and premium segment.


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