Samsung will finally be rolling out their UI 3.0 based on Android 11.

Samsung has finally revealed its one new One UI 3.0 which is based on the Android 11 operating system and is expected to roll out this month. As per the details given by the Malaysian website of Samsung, the new UI will focus more on a cleaner interface for the user, including the Quick panel and notification panel. The company is all set to roll out the new UI 3.0 this month. However, the availability of the UI will not be the same for all the countries and will roll out in phases. 

The company has announced the Quick panel will now allow the users to switch back and forth between music and videos seamlessly and it would also have the new multimedia controls that were developed for the Android 11 operating system. The users will now get the messages and notifications in one panel and the screen UI will be revamped to give a feel of tablet-based UI. The update will also have new multi-window features added to the Samsung devices. 

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It would also support full-screen video calls with support for emojis to make the interaction more fun. As always, it will also include a whole new gallery of wallpapers and other enhanced security features for the users. The New update will also bring a lot of new features and optimization to the S Pen air commands, which the user will now be able to customize. With the new rollout, we can expect Samsung to bring in a lot of new things that would further enhance the experience with their devices.


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