SnapChat adds a new feature like Tik-Tok on their platform

After Tik-Tok was banned in many countries, other social media and chat companies thought of it as a perfect opportunity to provide the users with a similar feature on their platform. Something similar was found to be launched on Instagram and Youtube as Reels and Shorts and now it’s time for Snapchat to join the line. Snapchat has recently introduced a new TikTok style feed where the users can watch short and entertaining videos. 

The company has been working on adding new features on Snapchat, which are very similar to Tik-Tok. Last month, Snapchat also added a new Tik-Tok-like music feature on their platform and this is the second feature to follow a similar approach. With these features being available now, users will be able to send their Snaps to the Spotlight feed. It will also enable users to send direct messages to creators through a public profile, however, public commentary on the Snaps has been disabled. The company has also announced that it will be distributing $1 million every day for creators who have the top video spotlights on the platform. 

It seems to be a great move from Snapchat after many other platforms have also decided to bring in features similar to Tik-Tok. After the ban of Tik-Tok in India, many other companies have started bringing in the same features through a different platform and have been really successful as well. For now, Snapchat seems to be focusing on more features that resemble and appeal to the Tik-Tok users to attract them on the platform.


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