Social feature on Google Maps gives the user their own profile

Google has been keeping itself busy by adding news features to all their apps. The last few months have been really big for Google as they have been trying to expand in new domains and make their existing apps better. Now the new feature has been added to the Google Maps app. The users in Google Maps now get to see their social profile listed in the app, which can also be followed by other users. The profile will contain all the images, videos, submitted reviews, and all the other information, similar to what a profile has on a social media website like Facebook.

Last year, Google allowed the users to create their profile as Local Guides, which people can follow and get the latest update when they add any information or image to the profile. It is an extension of the features introduced last year, and now the users can follow and view content with each other like social media websites. So the next time you find some important information about the location, an image, video, or review, you can visit the user’s profile and select to follow it.

Google Maps Goes Social

ou can also view all the images and content that has been added by the user in the past. Users will also be allowed to add a small tagline beneath their profile photo, which is a very similar feature to that of Instagram.

The users can always select from the option of keeping their Google Maps provide public or private. They will also have the right to approve as to who can follow their profile and who cannot. There are many different settings provided by Google and can be used to modify the entire settings of the Google Map profile completely. The latest feature is great and is available on all iOS and Android phones.


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