Sony to delay the restocking of Playstation 5 in India

Ever since Sony launched Playstation 5 in the market, customers have been constantly facing an issue with the availability due to high demand. Although Sony has been trying to meet up with the demand and has increased the production for the same as well, they have still not completely been able to resolve the issue. Although it was launched in some of the markets initially, Sony promised that the console will launch in other countries soon as well. 

So if you are in the Indian market and are planning to buy a Sony PlayStation 5, then this news might not be encouraging for you. As per the report from IGN, Sony has informed retailers that the next stock of PS5 shipment in India is going to be delayed. The online retail site of Sony mentioned status from ‘Sold Out’ to ‘Notify Me’. As per the reports, Sony had a meeting on February 20 for the upcoming quarter and has decided that PS4 will be restocked in large quantities, and restocking for PS5 will also be done. 

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However, shipments of both the consoles have shifted from the beginning of the month to the ending of the month due to ongoing supply chain issues. As per the statement from Sony, “We have communicated to all our channel partners to not accept and/or collect any advance payment for PS5 until they receive any further official information about PS5 re-stocking from Sony India. Furthermore, we have informed our partners not to make any commitment to the consumers around the availability of PS5 re-stock in India. We would urge the channel partners and consumers to stay in touch with the official Sony platforms for further information.

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