Sony ends the year with record-breaking sales for Playstation 5

When it comes to gaming consoles, Playstation 5 is an undisputable champion among all when it comes to sales. Ever since the official release on November 12, the company has been able to sell record-breaking numbers, which even resulted in a lack of stocks in the market due to high demand. The company has definitely ended the year 2020 with a bang and has recorded a massive sale number for the Playstation 5 console. 

As per the report, Sony has sold over 3.4 million units of the new gaming console in just 4 weeks of launch and the demand does not seem to slow down in any way. Since the company has been facing heavy demand in the initial days, the console was sold by retailers at a much higher price due to its unavailability. Although the gaming console has not been launched everywhere, countries like India have seen a large increase in the import units of the gaming console at a higher price. 

Sony has already increased the production of PlayStation 5 by more than 50% and it plans to ramp up the production of PS5 up to 18 million units next year. It seems like the year 2021 is going to be a great one for Sony when it comes to their gaming console and is expected to break even more record sales in the coming days. Sony has already involved vendors like AMD to help them with the increased production and demand requirements in the future.

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