FAUG mobile game finally launched on Google Play Store

The highly anticipated mobile game FAU-G has now been released on the Android platform as promised by the developers on January 26. nCore Games, who has developed the game has designed it as an alternative to PUBG. Although the initial launch of the game was expected in September, the development of the game delayed it to launch in January 2021. After the pre-registration of the game went live in December last year, it saw over four million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. 

Those who have already downloaded and installed the game on their mobile device must have noticed that it currently only offers campaign mode, where the player has to follow a story about the Galwan valley. However, the game shows two other modes called the battle royale and PvP mode, labeled as coming soon. The game is currently available to download for free on the Google Play Store, with no confirmation as to when it will appear for iOS devices. 

YouTube video

The developers nCore have confirmed that the game will be compatible with all the Android handsets running Android version 8 and above. The game has already got a lot of popularity and the developers are all set to bring new weapons and modes in the future through updates. If you have still not tried this game or have not pre-registered for it, you can simply search and download the game on the Google Play store to decide if the game meets the expectation that it was created at the time PUBG was banned.


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