Sony to launch a new Xbox Game Pass like service for PS4 and PS5

If you already have an Xbox gaming console, then you might know about the Game Pass subscription from Xbox. It is actually a subscription service, which provides the user with access to hundreds of the latest games for free. Due to this, the Game Pass service already has thousands of users subscribed to it. It not only avoids the hassle of buying new games, but also provides access to multiple new games for free, which can be easily installed and played.

Something very similar was a mission on Sony Playstation for now, but not anymore. A new service for Sony Playstation 4 and 5 will soon be launched, which has been codenamed “Spartacus“. The new service would lead to the merger of existing Playstation Plus and Playstation Now services. The service is expected to start in Spring and it will provide the user’s access to free monthly games for a monthly subscription. The new subscription services would include all the perks of existing Playstation services and will add a good amount of games to the collection.

The highest tier subscription of the service will also provide the users with games from PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP. It is expected that the service is going to add a new big title as soon as it is launched. It seems that Xbox Game Pass is going to have a very tough competition from “Spartacus“, however, not all the details for the same have been revealed yet. We expect a lot of new things from Sony when they make the announcement for it.

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