SpaceX’s Starlink internet public beta is giving users a speed of more than 160Mbps.

When it comes to internet speed, SpaceX is trying to break all the barriers using SpaceX’s Starlink internet. A while back, the company did set up SpaceX’s Starlink internet public beta where it provided internet services to some areas and certain users. Now after a while of using the internet, the results that are coming seem to be great for SpaceX’s Starlink internet. The satellite internet is giving users high download speeds of over 160megabit per second, which is much faster than 95% of US connection. The details were verified by the speed test provider Ookla. 

It’s not just the metropolitan areas, but even in the rural areas of Montana, the speed recorded was 174 Mbps. As per the mail that SpaceX sent to its customers on October 26, the speed that they could have expected should have been between 50 and 150 Mbps. When checking the internet speed for most of the users did fall under the category with some areas receiving speed even more than that. It seems that Starlink will definitely change the game forever when it comes to internet speed. 

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The company is still expanding its range and area which will be connected using the satellites. The company has also made it clear that since it is still in the public beta stage, the users can see “brief periods of no connectivity at all“. Similar feedback was also received from West-Coast where the users noticed a ten to fifteen-second interruption every few minutes.

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