Spotify launches HiFi services with lossless audio feature

Spotify has recently announced that they will be launching the new Spotify HiFi services very soon which will finally enable streaming lossless audio. The company had been working on new features for the past few months which would increase the clarity of the audio, and now they have finally unveiled the HiFi mode which will enable “CD-quality” audio on existing devices and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers. 

The company has not confirmed any details on the bit rate, and codec for HiFi mode, but the company currently used Ogg Vorbis on desktop and mobile, and AAC for the web player. Spotify has been testing the feature with select users being selected for A/B testing since early 2017. It has now joined the ranks of other competitors in the market which provides lossless audio. Tidal, Amazon, Quobuz, and Deezer have been some companies that have already been providing the option to the users. 

YouTube video

Now, these companies have been providing lossless audio which exceeds the technical limit of an audio CD, which does not give Spotify an advantage as they will only be limited currently to CD audio quality. The company has already confirmed that the new feature will not be available to all the users immediately after the launch. The feature will be rolling out in select markets and slowly to other markets later this year. The company will be working on improving and making the feature much better before it is launched in the other market as there are still only a few counties where the lossless audio feature has been offered.


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