Telegram launches a new end-to-end encrypted video call feature

Telegram has been keeping themselves really busy as they have been adding new features to give a tough competition to their rival WhatsApp. As per the recent update from the company, they have rolled out a new feature that allows the user to have encrypted end-to-end video calls. The feature is currently rolled out in alpha mode on both the Android and iOS platforms. The encrypted video calling feature will make sure that the user’s data is completely protected.

There has been a lot of activity on the internet lately where the user’s data has been easily hacked by anonymous hackers. To avoid this Telegram has made sure to add the best of security architecture to the video call feature so that even the latest threat can be handled easily. Also, since the feature is currently in the Alpha stage, the company ensures that they will continuously be improving the encryption standards to make sure that the last version is much more secure than the current one.

The video call can be started from the contact profile page directly and will also provide the option to switch the video on and off during the call. It would also allow the user to scroll through chats and multitask while maintaining eye contact. To initialize the encryption, and confirm the connection, the user has to compare four emojis shown on the screen for both the user and chat partner. If it matches the call will be completely secured.

Telegram said that face to face communication has been on a boom ever since the pandemic and now is the requirement to add a lot of security to such communication methods, as it is at high risk of attacks. They also claimed that the company has been working on many new features that will be released later this year.


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