Telegram adds new animated backgrounds and group video calling feature

Telegram has always been updating its platform from time to time with new features in order to compete and provide a better offering than competitive messaging apps like WhatsApp. Now the app has added new features in their version 7.8 which includes group video calls and animated backgrounds. Video calls are being used extensively since the pandemic on almost all the platforms for communication and all professional requirements. 

Due to this many such apps have already added video calling support to their platform and now Telegram has joined the list. Telegram has finally released version 7.8 publically which includes the feature of group video calls. Also, anyone that is in a group call can share their screen with others in the group. The option could be found from the overflow button which is indicated by three vertical dots. It will give the user the option to either record the group call or share the screen. 

For now, a group call in Telegram has been limited to just 30 users but it can be increased in the future. Apart from the group video calling feature, the app now also provides gradients and animated backgrounds. Users simply have to go into the appearance option under settings and change it from there. Telegram has also added a new menu for interacting with bots, as well as help in importing stickers. Telegram will also be adding new emojis and animation in the same. The updated version is available to download with a stable version.

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