Telegram reaches 1 billion downloads with India as its biggest market

When it comes to online messaging apps, WhatsApp is among the most popular. However, one of the most popular rivals for WhatsApp has been the Telegram app, which is no less in either design or functionality. Telegram has recently become one of the latest apps to cross the one billion download mark, showing the growth in the popularity of the messaging app. The biggest boost that the app received in the number of downloads was earlier this year when users started leaving WhatsApp after their privacy policy changes. 

The app has been in the market since 2013 and competes with some of the major messaging apps in the market right now. The app not only provides messaging, but also video chats, and updates experience on voice chat as well. Telegram has been popular worldwide, but the recent data of downloads shows that Indian has been one of the biggest markets and has 22% of the overall lifetime installs of the app. Apart from India, Russia and Indonesia have been next in the number of Telegram App installs. 

By focusing more on the privacy factor, Telegram has been able to attract more and more users to its platform and became the seventh most downloaded app globally in 2020. Telegram has also been great when it comes to adding functionality to its platform and sometimes much better and faster than the rival WhatsApp. Telegram has also introduced new features like Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, and more which has made the app a lot more worthwhile than any other app in its segment.


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