The kid spends over $16,000 on parents iPad buying addons for the games.

You might have heard the news in the past where kids have spent several hundred dollars on their parent’s devices to buy the additional components in games. Similar incidents have also been reported by people across the world where the kids have spent a large sum of money on games on other apps, while the parents came to know about it at a later point in time. A similar incident also happened in the US were an Apple user named Jessica Johnson of Wilton, CT ended up paying over $16,000 or ₹11 lakh unknowingly to Apple. 

However, the user was shocked as she was not the one who made the payment. In fact, the payment was done by their six-year-old George. As per the reports and details from the New York Post, the six-year-old purchased the app features in the iPad version of Sega’s Sonic Forces. After Jessica Johnson discovered a series of withdrawals made by credit card over months, which total to around $16, 293.10, she was amazed as she was not the one doing it. The withdrawals started from the month of July and her kid used it to buy the add ons. The withdrawal range was from %1.99 to $99.99 for the bundles and add-ons. 

As per Jessica Johnson, she thought of these transactions as fraud and after filing a claim with Chase, she was informed that this purchase was genuine and was asked to contact Apple for the same. Although Apple has refused to refund the claim as the payment was  requested has been made 60 days after the payment, the mother has accused the game of being “completely predatory.” Apple has been offering various Parental Control options to manage their device, which also includes limiting purchases and access to the app. So if you really do not want the same thing to repeat with you, then it would be wise to use them on your Apple devices immediately.

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