Gmail could now be set as the default E-mail client for Apple devices in iOS14.

As per a recent announcement from Google, Gmail can now be set as the default email client on the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. A user can simply go to their settings and tap on Gmail after scrolling down. There they will get the option to set Gmail as the Default Mail. Google has also tweeted a video on its official Twitter handle, which explains how a user can simply go to Settings to do so. Also, to add Gmail to the doc, one simply has to Gmail to tap and hold the Gmail app icon before dragging and releasing it on the dock. 

Gmail is the only latest app that has added support for all new iOS 14. As soon as the new OS was announced, almost 26% of the Apple device owners upgraded to it. Therefore, the support for iOS 14 was very critical for Gmail. The feature of adding a third-party app as the default email or browser was only introduced by Apple in the iOS 14. However, a few days back a bug was reported which restored default email and browser to Apple devices as soon as they were restarted. 

Although the Gmail default email client feature is great but it will still have to face the serious bug of iOS 14. With the release of beta update iOS14.2, it is not yet clear if the bug has been addressed in or not, or whether it will be addressed and resolved in the final update.  


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