The new DJI mobile Gimbal OM4 is here.

When it comes to drone and gimbal manufacturing, DJI has been the pioneer in this category. It has offered some of the best drone technology and gimbal technology, both commercially and for a special projects. DJI Gimbal for Mobiles has been one of the most popular ones in their category and now the company has launched a new version called the DJI Gimbal OM4 or the Osmo Mobile 4. The new version of gimbal has many improvements over the last version called the Osmo mobile 3. When we talk about the design, the company has taken the same folding design from the last generation, which makes it easy to keep it when not in use. 

They have also retained the assortment of buttons from the last generation, including the joystick. The new features on the OM4 includes a new quick snap magnetic clamp system that allows you to get your setup up quickly. The new version provides two types of attachment solutions for the users, which is the adhesive option that’s sort like a fancy Popsocket with a built-in magnet, or a more traditional spring-based clamp. it allows the gimbal to handle any kind of smartphones, even the heavier and bigger ones. However, you will still face issues if you try using a smartphone like Fold 2. 

It still carries all the previous gestures and feature with the addition of three new camera features, and DynamicZoom mode, which allows to recreate the dolly zoom shot. The auto tracking feature of the gimbal has also been improved and the device can provide a battery life of 15 hours on a single charge. The large battery of the Gimbal can also be used to charge your phone, in case it runs out of power. Currently the company is holding a special deal under which the user can buy the gimbal at $150 along with the magnetic ring hold and magnetic ring clamp, mini tripod, wrist strap, and carrying case.


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