The new Fable will be an Open-World RPG, Not MMO

Fable has been one of the most popular games with millions of users as its fan base. Last week, a major announcement was made for the Fable fans, where it was announced that a new version of the game would be launched soon. However, users expected the game to be from the MMO category, which it always has been. But the company has confirmed that the new Fable will only be an Open-World RPG and not MMO.

The game announcement at the Xbox Series X game event also provides two more facts about the game, which were that the game is not called “Fable 4“, as it is only named as Fable. UK-based Forza studio Playground Games are developing the game. The vague reveal trailer of the game in the event led to confusion about the game, its gameplay, and how it will be framed for users to play. 

It has led to dissatisfaction among the users who were expecting Fable for a long time, especially those who were expecting an MMO gameplay. However, since it will be an Open-World RPG, we can expect the game to have a lot of online content and features, such as co-op functionality or limited, optional shared spaces, etc. However, the game promises to give you a good single-player experience in the gameplay.

The game franchise is making a comeback after ten long years, and the fans are excited to see new elements in the game. It is not clear when the game will be completed and released as it is still under development. However, the trailer provided at the game event provided confidence for users looking for a new Fable game. The game is expected to launch next year. However, no date has been announced yet.


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